Why Slurps?!

As humans, we all know the importance of staying hydrated to keep healthy and we're 60% water. At 80% water, man’s best friend needs even more hydration and many dogs don't drink enough. Just like us, dogs LOVE a change from water and that's why we developed Slurps nutritional and super tasty drinks for dogs.

Super tasty nutritional drinks

Slurps come in organic beef and chicken flavours with high omega 3 fish oils. Dogs LOVE them and they're so nutritious, you'll wish there was something similar for humans too!

Happy, healthy hydration

In tests, 80/80 dogs lapped up their Slurps whilst ignoring their water bowls. With Slurps, you'll know they are happy, healthy and hydrated!

Helps with fussy eaters

Sometimes dogs need a helping hand to eat up their food. Adding Slurps to their usual food can stimulate their appetites

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Slurps Omega 3 Fish Oil 500ml

Slurps Omega 3 Fish Oil 500ml

Slurps Omega 3 Fish Oil 250ml

Slurps Omega 3 Fish Oil 250ml

Slurps Organic Beef Drink with Fish ...

Organic Beef Slurps 4x350ml

Slurps Starter Pack 4x350ml 2 x ...

Chicken & Beef Starter Pack

Slurps Organic Chicken Drink with Fish ...

Slurps Chicken Drink for Dogs 8x350ml

Meet the team

We're a small but perfectly formed team!


Chief Slurper

I've always loved dogs. When I was a toddler, my parents used to find me curled up with our beagle, Bonnie, in her bed. I'm a bit bigger now and I'd struggle to get into a dog bed so I've settled for looking to keep Ruby in the best of health for as long as possible using my 20 years experience in the food and drink industry.



Executive Slurper

Ruby (who arrived on a Tuesday!) joined us about two years ago after a very short stay at the RSPCA. Like most dogs, she has a good appetite but she draws the line on certain foods so we know we can trust her good taste!