Slurps Organic Chicken Drink with Fish Oils 8x250ml pack


Slurps Chicken Drink for Dogs 8x250ml


Winner winner Chicken Slurps for dinner!

Slurps are great for:

  • thirsty dogs (2/3 dogs don’t drink the vet recommended 50ml/kg bodyweight daily)
  • fussy eaters/stressed dogs/convalescent dogs (poured over food as an appetite stimulant)
  • high omega 3 fish oils (shiny coats/increase concentration for working dogs)
  • lethargic dogs (the first sign of dehydration)
  • disguising medicines!
  • low calorie tasty treat – as a drink between meals or frozen inside toys

In tests, 95% of dogs lapped up Slurps whilst ignoring their bowls of water!




Additional information

Weight 2100 g


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