Does your dog need…hair of the dog?!

As humans our bodies need a lot of hydration. At 80% water, man’s best friend needs even more hydration… and just like us, they LOVE a change from water.

Fursty work…!

Your dog should drink 50ml water per kg bodyweight daily1. That’s half a litre for a 10kg dog or two litres for a 40kg dog!

The first Slurps!

Ruby (our Executive Slurper) is a very active dog who drinks very little water. We developed Slurps nutritional (and very tasty) drinks for dogs which Ruby will lap up to the bottom of the bowl.

Not content with the results from just one slightly impartial dog, we did further taste tests at Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare and found that every single dog lapped up Slurps whilst ignoring their bowls of water.

Dogs LOVE the taste of Slurps and because they’re packed full of omega 3 fish oils, your dog will be happy, healthy and hydrated! Why can’t dogs have a healthy change from water?!

Three little Slurps!

We decided to keep things really simple and started with three flavours: Organic Beef, Organic Chicken and (coming soon) Fish (which is naturally organic).

We wanted to avoid any funny stuff with weird names so kept the ingredients really simple and used organic and sustainable wherever possible.

Doggy feedback