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“Slurps has been popular with every dog we have had in the Rehoming kennels, regardless of breed, size or age. They really enjoy a refreshing bowl after their walk and play sessions or just as a healthy snack to help cheer them up. For fussy eaters we have found pouring some over their food really encourages them to eat and even lick the bowl clean. A healthy, popular new ‘treat’ that is very much enjoyed”
Val Suleski, Kennel Manager, Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare

I came across Slurps whilst desperately looking online for anything that could encourage my little shichon to drink water which she totally refuses. Got told coconut water & carrot juice but you’d think I was trying to poison her the way she looked at me for even considering she’d like them! Then I saw Slurps & ordered some but didnt hold out much hope. So you can imagine the shock I got when she drank it all. She’s also the most fussiest eater on the planet & has to be starving before she will consider eating dog food as she much prefers chicken & rice. So tonight I put down dog food and she left it, so I added some chicken flavoured Slurps to the food & she ate it all. I’ve had her at the vets & spent a small fortune on all the best foods I could possibly buy & all me & my furbaby needed was Slurps. Thank you so much. Sorry for mega long review but I’m over the moon with this product xx Angel the Shichon and her mum Jackie

What can we say. Congratulations on producing what could be a miracle. Slightly sceptical about a drink for dogs we couldn’t resist giving Slurps a try. We purchased a starter pack via Instagram and Slurps was an instant hit with our 3 and a half year old cockapoo who doesn’t usually drink much at all. But here is where the miracle begins. Within a day of adding Slurps to his food and giving it on its own as a drink our usually sedate pup has been alert and active. He is playing more and is focused rather than anxious. People have often commented about how chilled he is. This has been a worry as it is not what we would expect from a young dog from working stock. Perhaps we had been missing how much importance adequate hydration could have. Many thanks !!!  Spooky the Cockapoo and family

“Holysmokes it’s the best thing since duck necks! Keeps me hydrated as I don’t drink water indoors which keeps me fresh and helps me recover for my next adventure”
‘Benson the Brave‘ c/o Georgie, Canicross athlete 

“Thanks again for Bruce’s Slurps. We took him to the beach and he drank a fair amount of seawater and was refusing the fresh water we’d brought. Add in the Slurps and he was all over it! Really put our minds at ease that he was staying hydrated in the heat despite drinking all the sea water”
‘Boss Dog Bruce’ and his Mum Anna, Putney

“For a dog that doesn’t drink anything outside the house, that’s a miracle! Nena and I are sooo thankful to find you. She will never go dehydrated again! Thank you for such a wonderful product”
Nena and her Mum Vally, Primrose Hill, London



“Tika and Pilot both loved them. In fact they loved them far more than the bone stock I make for them, making piggy noises when they ate their food with Slurps in them!”
Wooftopia Dog Day Care & Training Centre,
Natalia de Weck (owner) , Belsize Park, London

Mayhem the Border Collie says: “I love @slurps4pets especially the chicken flavour! Here’s me having a nice drink after a long day doing training” Mayhem’s Mum says: “He loves them to pieces! Especially after a long day”  Click here to see Mayhem the Border Collie on Instagram