As a drink to help hydrate!

Pour some Slurps into an empty food bowl between meals as a hydrating drink.

In hot weather, you can freeze Slurps into a tasty and refreshing ice pop or ice cubes

Please don’t add to the water bowl as a) this dilutes the Slurps and makes them less tasty and b) you should always have fresh water on hand.

Slurps ice cubes

Slurps ice cubes

Pour over food

Stimulate fussy eaters!

Just pour some Slurps over their food and watch them lick the bowl clean!

On the go for active dogs!

  • For dogs that hike
  • For dogs that love roadtrips
  • For dogs that do agility or flyball or canicross
  • For working dogs
  • Or for dogs that just like a little liquid treat when they’re on their walks
Anna Williams – GB Bikejor Champion
Benson the Brave – Canicross athlete

Just shake (wag well!), pour into a portable bowl or a doggy water bottle. Once opened, you should keep Slurps in the fridge for a maximum of three days.

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