Is your active or working dog drinking enough?!

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Even fit dogs get tired, especially if they’re active for long periods of time.

The first thing to check is that they are hydrated and the rule of thumb is for dogs to have 50ml per kg bodyweight (on a cool day). That’s 750ml (or 1.5 x 500ml water bowls) for a 15kg collie.

However, if it’s a hot day, or if you have an active or working dog, that recommendation increases by 50% – more than 1.1 litres (or two x 500ml waterbowls) for a 15kg dog.

But dogs don’t always drink when you want them to!

  • they might need to hydrate before a race/event but are too excited
  • they might not like drinking when out and about
  • some dogs are binge drinkers, drinking nothing for ages and then loads (with not so great consequences!)
  • sometimes dogs just need a bit more than water to get them drinking

Just like the proverbial horse, you can take a dog to water but it’s really hard to make them drink. So what do you do?

Slurps is a super tasty AND nutritious way to get dogs to drink.

Slurps are made from all natural, organic ingredients and packed with really potent omega 3 and 6 fish oils (extra smelly) so dogs love them. They really stimulate your dogs’ senses so they drink (and even eat in the case of fussy eaters) on command.

Active Dogs and Slurps!

Zoe Fillery Hammond and Chip: World Silver Medallist Par Agility

Chip & just a few of his rosettes!

Chip had been on forced rest due to a pad injury and was flagging half way through so I gave him some Slurps and popped him back in his crate for a little rest. He came out full of beans and ready to finish the day. He very rarely drinks when training so this was a great solution to this problem

Anna Williams – British Bikejor #2 and Nordic Sports Champion

Anna Williams Bikejor Champion

I tried Slurps at the British Sleddog Championships. The problem has been hydrating before racing which is imperative. One of my youngsters was too excited to drink but when I gave him chicken Slurps a few hours before his race he couldn’t get enough. This absolutely solved an ongoing problem for me. He was hydrated and then ran the race of his life. I am now the British number 2 at bikejoring open and British champion for Nordic breeds for my age group.

How do Slurps work?

If your dog doesn’t drink enough or can be fussy when they’re out and about, Slurps can help. Made from all natural ingredients and high omega 3 fish oils, they are super tasty so dogs lap them up.

Just pour over food or give to them as a drink between meals. (Don’t add to water). Some people even make Slurps into ice cubes!

If you’d like to order Slurps, please click HERE for our most popular mixed pack.

**Slurps research 150 dogs.


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