Christmas Gifts for Dogs

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Christmas in dog world has pros and cons. For many dogs, it’s just another day with occasional posing for antler selfies and less walks than usual. On the plus side, there are extra bits of food dropped under the table and often a doggy stocking.

If you want to really treat your dog this Christmas, Slurps range of delicious, nutritious drinks for dogs are ideal. Not only super tasty, they are packed with high omega 3 fish oils. Smelly, tasty and nutritious – that’s what they really really want!

Fleur with Slurps – thanks to Wendy Morris for the pic

Pour in the food bowl as a tasty tipple or over their Christmas turkey (?) dinner. You’ll see them lick the spots off that food bowl! Slurps are low in calories (18kcal per 100ml portion) and the omega 3 oils are great for their skin and coat too. A gift that tastes great and helps you look and feel better. Now isn’t that better than a sneaky leftover under the table?!

Under the table


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