Will my dog like Slurps?

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How do you know if your dog will like Slurps?

It’s a good question and we could tell you that the Slurp up rate is around 99% of lots of dogs. (That’s a lot more than the people who do the skin cream testing on TV ads).

We could also tell you that they’ll love the smelliness of the fish oils and the organic beef or chicken taste.

We chose not to add any preservatives in Slurps.

There is no added sugar in Slurps and the only salt comes from the ingredients themselves.

But one of the biggest reasons that your dog will like Slurps is because it’s pH neutral. We chose to keep our product naturally tasty with as few ingredients as possible. Unlike other dog drink products, we haven’t added an acidifier (as most dogs don’t like acid taste).

Doing it this way makes our life much harder (but that’s our problem!) Ultimately, we want every dog to like Slurps and we know that keeping it as natural as possible is the best way.


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