Dog drinking Slurps straight from a pouch!
It’s OK. We don’t expect all dogs to drink straight from the spout!

Occasionally there are moments when you really need your dog to drink on command.

Just like the proverbial horse, you can take it to water but it’s really hard to make it drink. So what do you do?

We developed Slurps as a super tasty AND nutritious way to get dogs to drink.

Slurps are made from all natural, organic ingredients and packed with really potent omega 3 fish oils (extra smelly) so dogs love them. They really stimulate your dogs’ senses getting them to drink (and even eat in the case of fussy eaters) on command.

Dog panting on a walk

Here’s a few examples of when you might want your dog to drink on command. Sound familiar?

1. Walks

  • Your dog doesn’t like drinking on walks
  • Your dog doesn’t like drinking from other dog bowls

2. Holidays/Roadtrips

Hot dog in drivers seat of car
Every driver needs frequent refreshment
Dog on beach with Slurps
A way to avoid drinking seawater
  • You need your dog to drink when you’ve stopped on a roadtrip
  • You’d prefer your dog not to drink seawater at the beach

3. Sport

Dog doing agility
Agility requires sustained high energy

Your dog is too excited to drink ahead of a big hike/sport and you know he has to stay hydrated to keep going.

Pug - flat out in the sun
Dogs require 50% more water in hot weather

4. Hot weather

Remember that dogs should drink 50% more in warmer weather.

Some dogs need something to encourage them to drink

5. Maybe your dog just doesn’t drink that much

How much does your dog drink?

Dogs should drink 50ml per kg bodyweight daily according to vet recommendations. That works out as 3 x 500ml bowls of water daily for the average 30kg Labrador. If your dog isn’t drinking as much as it should, then maybe consider Slurps as a way of adding extra hydration.

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