Q: Do I use a whole pack of Slurps as one serving?
For most dogs (6-26kg), you’ll get 3-4 servings from one pack but it does vary by size as shown on the back of the pack. See ‘How to Slurp

Q: How is there so much Omega 3 in Slurps?
Our fish oils have a very high Omega 3 (EPA & DHA = the good stuff) content compared to other pet foods. They come from small fish like anchovies and sardines which are packed with Omega 3 and a lot more sustainable than bigger fish which take longer to grow.

Q: Is Slurps suitable for dogs with pancreatitis?
We’ve been advised that dogs with pancreatitis cannot have anything with over 6% fat content. The only fat used in Slurps is fish oils which make up just 2.15%. Please check with your vet first.

Q: Are Slurps suitable for dogs with Gluten Free diets?
Yes. There are no gluten containing ingredients in Slurps

Q: What are the ingredients in Slurps?
Water, organic meat broth base, anchovy and sardine oil, xanthan gum (emulsifier).

Q: Do you add artificial ingredients in to Slurps?
We do not add preservatives, sugar, citric acid or other acidifier in to Slurps. The meat broth base we use already contains some salt (as a natural preservative) which works out as 1% in Slurps.

Q: Is Slurps’ packaging recyclable?
A: Currently not – however, we are working on a number of future solutions that addresses this without compromising product quality or shelf life. For more information, see our Packaging page

Q: How long do Slurps last?
A: Slurps have an ambient shelf life of 12 months. Once opened, store in the fridge for up to three days. See page How to Slurp

Q: Can you freeze Slurps?
A: Yes! Lots of people freeze Slurps into ice cube trays or lickimats. See page How to Slurp

Q: What is xanthan gum?
Xanthan gum is an emulsifier that keeps the fish oil mixed in with the non-oil ingredients. It is often used in mayonnaise or salad dressings for the same reason.