How do I get my dog to concentrate better?

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We all struggle to concentrate for long periods of time. TV ads are generally 30 seconds long as that’s about the most humans can do, although we’ve heard that 10 seconds is now becoming our limit.

Concentrate! Here comes the science bit!

Some dog breeds have better focus and concentration whilst others are more receptive to training. Just like humans, fish oils that are high in DHA can help brain activity. Without getting too sciency, DHA is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that is especially important for your brain and your concentration and in every 100ml portion of Slurps, you’ll get 165mg of this wonderful stuff.

Give your dog their daily portion of DHA to help them concentrate better. It doesn’t just do good, it tastes really good too!

Here’s Ruby (our Executive Slurper) demonstrating how it’s done!



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