How do I get my dog to take his medicine?

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Remember to take your medicine!

We’ve heard from so many dog owners that it’s really hard to get their dogs to take their medicine. Prescriptions from the vet, vitamins, supplements, it’s always a struggle. Even crushing up pills or hiding things in food doesn’t fool our clever pooches.

Spoonful of Slurps will help the medicine go down

A spoonful of Slurps will do the trick!

A spoonful of Slurps (or a bit more for larger dogs!)

We’ve outfoxed those canny canines this time! Those same dog owners have told us that the simple addition of Slurps poured over their dog’s food (including the crushed up pills/liquids) does the trick.

So if you’re struggling, just remember that in the [almost] words of Mary Poppins ‘a spoonful of Slurps helps the medicine go down!’


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