Dog Sports: What’s Hoopers?

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In 2018, Crufts featured Hoopers for the first time. Started in USA, Hoopers spread to Europe, and has now reached the UK.

Isn’t Hoopers the same as Agility?

Hoopers has no jumps and no tight turns. It has the same pace and excitement as agility but the courses are flowing and ground-level hoops are used for the dog to run through, making it less likely to cause injury for dogs. The equipment is simpler and cheaper too utilising just hoops, barrels and tunnels so it’s easier to set up and more accessible. physically

Hoopers course
A Hoopers course

Who is Hoopers suitable for?

Hoopers is suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes from puppies to older dogs (including ex-agility dogs). It’s also ideal for owners who are less mobile as the idea is to distance-handle everything (instead of running the course with your dog). You stand still and direct your dog around the course, through hand signals and verbal cues!

Ground level hoops make Hoopers safe for older/bigger dogs and puppies too

Ultimately, Hoopers is excellent for spending time with your dog and working together. Nearly all breeds were created with a specific job in mind and this allows your dog to work with you as a team, rather than going self employed!

Why should I do Hoopers?

  • The cost is low for equipment, and doesn’t take up loads of room.
  • It’s low impact but burns energy.
  • It strengthens your bond and gets your dog to listen to you.
  • Your dog’s fitness and body condition will improve.
  • It will help your dog gain confidence in themselves and you.
  • From Frenchies to Wolfhounds any breed can join in.
  • And it’s a lot of fun!

Where do I find out more?

To find a Hoopers course, go through to this link and add in your postcode.

If you’re interested in becoming an instructor, contact Canine Hoopers World for more details

Check out our blog post if you’re interested in other dog sports

Just remember that with all that activity, your dog needs to keep hydrated and with all the excitement, it can be really difficult to get them to drink enough.

How do Slurps work?

Ruby (our Executive Slurper) drinking Slurps
Ruby (our Executive Slurper) drinking Slurps

If your dog doesn’t drink enough or can be fussy when they’re out and about, Slurps can help. Made from all natural ingredients and high omega 3 fish oils, they are super tasty so dogs lap them up.

Just pour over food or give to them as a drink between meals. (Don’t add to water). Some people even make Slurps into ice cubes!

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