How much exercise does a dog need every day?

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Jack russell on lead
It’s time for a walk!

Historically, dogs worked and were often used for hunting or herding which provided them with plenty of mental and physical stimulation. Nowadays, most dogs are domestic pets but still need that stimulation so it’s really important to exercise them every day.

Not enough exercise does two things:

  1. cause your dog to put on weight
  2. generates a bored dog (= unhappy dog)
    • look for chewing, barking a lot, toileting in the house and over grooming (licking too much) – these are all signs of boredom

Everyone wants their dog to live a long, healthy and happy life without chewing up the carpet or pooping in the house so check out the following chart from the PDSA as a good rule of thumb for how much exercise a dog needs. n.b. this will also vary by age and weight. And for a few ideas on other ways to exercise your dog, check out our blog on dog sports

After all that exercising, don’t forget your dog needs to drink! Check out our other blog post on active and working dogs or breed specific posts for how much your dog should drink.

The average Labrador should drink 3 x 500ml bowls of water daily based on vet recommendations so keep an eye out to make sure they’re properly hydrated.

How do Slurps work?

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Just pour over food or give to them as a drink between meals. (Don’t add to water). Some people even make Slurps into ice cubes!

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