Planning your dog holiday!

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Dog in a deckchair wearing sunglasses
It’s a dog holiday!

With summer holidays just around the corner, this is the moment to plan ahead for our furry four legged friends! Here at Slurps, we’ve put together a few ideas for you to think about before deciding to take your dog on holiday or not. Don’t forget to pack some Slurps either way. Click here to go direct to our shop.

Will they stay?

Sometimes it’s not possible to take your dog on holiday with you. This generally leaves three options:

Whaddya mean I’m not coming!
  1. Kennels:
    Check your dog has been immunised for kennel cough in advance and ideally, choose a kennel through a referral from someone you know (and visit it) so that you are confident that your dog will get the care that they need.
  2. Home from home!
    Friends and family are always a great option if they’re willing and able!
  3. Stay at Home
    Consider a housesitting service such as Trusted Housesitters. For an annual fee of less than £100, you can connect with kind and caring sitters who won’t charge to keep your pets safe and happy at home whenever you’re away.

Or will they come with you!

Taking your dog on holiday
dogs love a sleeping bag or two!

If you can take your dog with you on holiday, there are plenty of options:

Staying in the UK?

Dog drinking Slurps straight from the pouch
  1. Dog friendly accommodation
    Check out dedicated portals such as PetsPyjamas for great ideas of where to stay with your dog. They’re offering £50 off all stays of over £500 when you use promo code: slurps50
  2. Roadtrip refreshments
    Plan for plenty of toilet stops on your journey. If your dog can be a bit difficult about drinking on command at those stops, take some tasty Slurps with you – they’ll lap them up and get a super tasty nutritious treat at the same time!

Going abroad…

  1. Across the water
    For trips further afield, get the right pet travel insurance and sort out your pet passport at least one month before travel.
  2. Vets abroad
    Heard of FirstVet? Book a video consultation directly from your smartphone and their experienced, UK qualified veterinarians offer independent advice – in English!
    If it’s not urgent, they’ll put your mind at rest but if they think you should see a local vet, you can take the notes they send you by email and Google Translate them so the local vet completely understands the the situation.

Hot Weather Hounds

Be prepared for hot weather (even in the UK!) and remember to provide lots of shade for dogs to prevent them from overheating. If it’s really hot, leave them indoors in the cool. Put out plenty of water to make sure they don’t dehydrate and try your best to stop them from drinking salty seawater at the beach! Clue: tempt them away from seawater with some Slurps!

Remember that in warmer weather, dogs should drink 50% more than the recommendation for a cool day so an average Labrador should have 4.5 bowls of water daily. If you are concerned that your dog isn’t drinking enough either at home or out and about, try Slurps delicious nutritious drinks for dogs.  

Slurps are delicious when made into ice cubes

Super tasty drinks made from all natural and organic ingredients, they stimulate dogs to drink (or eat) on command. Just pour into their food bowls, between meals or over food to stimulate fussy eaters. You can also use them as low calorie liquid treats or even freeze them into ice cubes. If you’d like to buy some Slurps, our most popular pack is the 16-pack which comes with free P&P. Click here for more info!


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