Slurps Packaging

We are pleased to say that Slurps now come in recyclable plastic bottles which is huge progress from the pouches we were using before. Please put the bottles in your plastic recycling.

We want to improve further but there are no current alternatives to plastic based packaging.

Why isn’t there a viable alternative now?

  1. To use glass, we would have to add an acidifier to Slurps. Most dogs don’t like acid taste so wouldn’t drink Slurps which goes against our plan to have a product that dogs want to drink (and enjoy).
  2. Tetrapak requires a 100,000 minimum order (per flavour) and don’t have a manufacturing site in the UK.
  3. Unless we want to buy a canning line (anyone got £500,000?) no-one wants to can Slurps because it would be on the same line as beer and other nice things which don’t want fish oil going through the same pipes.

Our bottles have to withstand very high temperatures (120C) so corn starch options can’t cope. We have been told that even though we’re not comfortable with plastic bottles, these actually have a lower carbon footprint than glass because of the weight and bulk of glass packaging (and the fact that not many people actually recycle their glass. Sad but true)

So we’re on the case. And if anyone has a solution, please let us know!

In other news:

By moving to the recyclable bottles, we have significantly reduced our use of bubble wrap. We get 90% of the bubble wrap we use to pack our online orders from Freecycle – check them out if you’ve not heard of them. That’s why sometimes you get small bubbles and sometimes you get big bubbles but almost every bubble has had more than a single use!

We also reuse our Slurps boxes for 8 and 16 pack orders. Apparently 70% of cardboard packaging in the UK is only used once so if you can re-use the boxes for anything else, that would be great!