Welcome to Slurps!

Slurps are naturally nutritious and delicious organic dog drinks with Omega 3 fish oils for happy, healthy, hydrated dogs.

Why do we need drinks for dogs?

Every owner knows how much their dog eats but ask them how much they drink and they’re not so sure.

2 out of 3 dogs don’t drink enough* which puts them at risk of dehydration and related illnesses including lethargy and kidney and liver disease.

Fursty work

Does your dog drink enough?

To keep healthy, vets recommend your dog should drink 50ml water per kg bodyweight per day. That’s about 3 bowls of water for the average 30kg Labrador, 5 bowls for a 50kg dog or 1 bowl for a small 10kg dog.

And for active dogs or on warmer days, that recommendation increases by another 50%

But what do you do if your dog isn’t drinking enough?

Executive Slurper Ruby

Ruby is a very active dog who drinks very little water. We spent a year developing Slurps to Ruby’s high standards but we wanted to make sure other dogs liked them just as much. After further taste tests at Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, we discovered that 95% dogs lapped up Slurps whilst ignoring their bowls of water testimonials.

Dogs LOVE Slurps and because they’re packed full of omega 3 fish oils, your dog will be happy, healthy and hydrated! They can have them as a drink between meals or poured over their food (great for fussy eaters).

Something for everypawdy!

We decided to keep things really simple and started with three flavours: Beef, Chicken and (coming soon) Fish (all made from natural and organic ingredients).

2Slurps research June 2018. Sample size 150 dogs