What the dogs say about Slurps!

Anna Williams Bikejor Champion

I tried Slurps at the British Sleddog Championships. The problem has been hydrating before racing which is imperative. One of my youngsters was too excited to drink but when I gave him chicken Slurps a few hours before his race he couldn’t get enough. This absolutely solved an ongoing problem for me. He was hydrated and then ran the race of his life. I am now the British number 2 at bikejoring open and British champion for Nordic breeds for my age group.

Anna Williams, Bikejor Champion

Sarah Hamblin & Xolo agility silver medallist

“We took some Beef Slurps when competing at the Paragility World Championships in Spain back in August. It was super hot but I was happy to know she was keeping hydrated and ran beautifully in competition to win a World Silver Medal – there’s definitely a place in the kit of every sports dog for you!”

Sarah Hamblin & Xolo

“Slurps has been popular with every dog we have had in the Rehoming kennels, regardless of breed, size or age. They really enjoy a refreshing bowl after their walk and …for fussy eaters we have found pouring some over their food really encourages them to eat and even lick the bowl clean.”

Val Suleski, Kennel Manager, Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare

Puddin, Rhubarb & Custard

If you have Dachshunds you will know how stubborn they can be! We were at Paws in the park and no matter how many water bowls we passed they didn’t want any, and I was getting worried as it was getting hot! We found the Slurps stall, and they finished off the bowl! I have recommended it to many friends who have dogs that don’t tend to drink much water and they can’t get enough of it.
Sara, Puddin, Rhubarb & Custard

Fleur Scruffts 2017

Fleur loves her Slurps. As a nurse I know how important it is to keep hydrated. Fleur has had major abdominal surgery and whenever  [she] tries new products it can end up in acute diarrhoea. Slurps does not upset her stomach. We love it fantastic product.

Wendy Morris & Fleur (Best Rescue & Finalist at Scruffts 2017)

“We have two older dogs (12&14) and one is very fussy, it’s a constant struggle to get him to eat let alone drink. I split a packet between them and they’ve both drank it within the minute – safe to say it’s gone down well!”

Melissa T

Benson the Brave canicross

“Holysmokes it [Slurps] is the best thing since duck necks! Keeps me hydrated as I don’t drink water indoors which keeps me fresh and helps me recover for my next adventure”

‘Benson the Brave’ c/o Georgie, Canicross athlete

I’ve had her at the vets & spent a small fortune on all the best foods I could possibly buy & all me & my furbaby needed was Slurps xx 

Angel the Shichon and her mum Jackie

Boss Dog Bruce

“Thanks again for Bruce’s Slurps. We took him to the beach and he drank a fair amount of seawater and was refusing the fresh water we’d brought. Add in the Slurps and he was all over it!”

Boss Dog Bruce’ and his Mum Anna, Putney

“Anyone else a fussy drinker like me? Mam gave me some Slurps as a treat today. Whilst I would normally drink the tiniest amount of water, I demolished the lot of this!”

GustheBedlington, Instagram

“Congratulations on producing what could be a miracle… our 3 1/2 year old cockapoo doesn’t usually drink much at all. Within a day of adding Slurps to his food and giving it on its own as a drink, our usually sedate pup has been alert and active. He is playing more and is focused rather than anxious… Perhaps we had been missing how much importance adequate hydration could have.”

Spooky the Cockapoo and family

“I wasn’t supposed to but I drank the whole lot in one go! It was too tasty! I’m getting more of these….”

MunchkinPomsky, Instagram

Jeremy our Beagle loves Slurps, he doesn’t drink a lot normally so we gave it a try. He enjoys it on its own or over his food. A great product! 

Kirsty Balcombe & Jeremythebeagle

“For a dog that doesn’t drink anything outside the house, that’s a miracle!”

Nena and her Mum Vally, Primrose Hill.

My Staffy Lola loves her Slurps and licks the bowl clean every time!” 

Kate & LittleLolaBlue

Whizz is not a great dog at drinking [and] sometimes won’t eat his kibble. I put the Slurps on his food which he now gobbles straight up. He also drinks Slurps straight up on its own.

Ceri-Ann Lewis & Whizz

“Tika and Pilot both loved them [Slurps]. In fact they loved them far more than the bone stock I make for them!”

Wooftopia Dog Day Care & Training Centre, Natalia de Weck (owner) , Belsize Park.