Why do Slurps pouches look a bit crumpled?!

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A lot of people don’t like crumpled. They like things to be perfect and smooth and shiny. We like that too but had to decide whether to add extra ingredients and preservatives to Slurps or keep them natural… and crumpled. We chose the latter.

Crumpled Slurps

Crumpled Slurps

We thought about putting Slurps in a bottle but would have to have added an acidifier like citric acid. Most dogs don’t like acid tastes – they prefer natural, neutral tastes.

We also thought about making Slurps a chilled product that needs to be kept in the fridge. But that’s a pain for most pet shops so we didn’t want to do that either.

We could have added in lots of artificial preservatives or sugar or salt but we didn’t want to do that either.

That meant we had to sacrifice some shinyness and put the pouches through some serious heat treatment. That way, Slurps are super tasty and can be stored at an ambient temperature.

And just like all of us after a seriously hot bath, our Slurps pouches are a bit crumpled. After all, it’s what’s inside that counts!


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