My dog doesn’t drink much – is that normal?!

We discovered that a huge 2 out of 3 dogs drink far less than the vet recommended 50ml/kg bodyweight daily. Turns out that whilst a few dogs need bottomless water bowls there areĀ  a lot of dogs that aren’t getting their daily fluid intake – a big issue for an animal that is 80% water.

Lots of owners were really concerned that their pooches were at risk of dehydration and many were showing early signs. The dogs were lethargic or had lost their appetite – easily fixed with a dose of Slurps as 95% dogs lap up Slurps whilst ignoring their water bowl.

A big Slurps

Some dogs just don’t drink much when they’re out and about – but they will drink Slurps.

Some dog breeds are more prone to not drinking than others. We’ve discovered that Schnauzers are the most likely to suffer from adipsia (that’s not drinking anything to you or I) and Pugs are also notoriously anti-water

But then our customers (and their dogs) told us loads of other reasons they like Slurps. We’ll talk about those in our blog.

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